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Refreshing the brand

The National Youth Association - NYA

Client | The National Youth Association - NYA

Objective | A brand refresh to push this charity forward in a new funding era

Our role | Branding | Design

Promoting young people’s needs effectively

NYA supports young people to achieve their best through working with local authorities, training youth workers and being a voice which promotes their needs.

Up until recently NYA received large proportion of their funding through public sector investment, however in this time of widespread cuts that has changed. They now need to self-promote to develop links with funders and local authorities to commission projects to generate income.

We were really pleased with the degree of innovation HeylinSmith brought to our project. They hit all the beats of our brief created something fresh and contemporary. We’ve had loads of praise on our new look.
— Alex, Digital Marketing Coordinator

NYA wanted to refresh their logo and look, rather than go through a full rebranding project, as they felt their dated visuals were inhibiting them looking relevant. They had good recognition within their area of work, and so wanted to retain some elements. We worked to develop a range of logos which developed in stages, as a way of discussing options.