The Mix – Brand Guidelines

Flexibility and clarity through branding guidelines

The Mix – Brand Guidelines

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Client | The Mix

Objective | To create brand guidelines which are workable and useful for both internal and external stakeholders

Our role | copy writing | designing | advising


Making the brand work for everyone

When Get Connected and YouthNet merged to create The Mix in 2016 they created a logo to work under, but weren’t able to create solid brand guidelines at the same time.

The following year they came to us for help in putting workable brand guidelines together. By this time they had a sense of how the brand was developing and it was time to put it down on paper for internal staff and external partnerships to follow.

After working with The Mix on a number of projects we had a great sense of the style and direction that they wanted to go in with these guidelines. We not only designed these guidelines, but also helped to advise on the way the visuals should be used and when to be flexible with them and when to be rigid.

Thanks so much for taking all our feedback into consideration. I think these look really superb.
— Zoe Bailie, Director of Brand & Innovation - ‎The Mix

The solution came quickly and within a short time there were final guidelines ready to be used and sent out to external partners.