The Mix – Social Media Campaign

A social media campaign encouraging young people to talk openly and honestly about sexual consent

The Mix – #PillowTalk


Client | The Mix

Objective | Encouraging 16-25-year-old males to discuss sexual consent with partners before and during sex

Our role | illustration | logo design

A positive take on a serious issue

The Mix (formally YouthNet and Get Connected) is a UK based charity that provides free, confidential support for young people under 25 on a wide range of issues they face via online, social and mobile.

Sexual consent is a topic which comes up regularly for discussion on the The Mix forums and the team were keen to spread a clear consent message through a social media campaign.

The Let's Talk Consent campaign aimed to reach young people early in their sexual journey to help them understand what is and what isn’t consent, when you can’t get consent, how to ask for consent and how to communicate with your partner during sex.

The Mix needed to get this point across in a clear, relevant and crucially positive way, which is why we used a bright and engaging illustration style.

The result was four scenes which were relevant to the age range which would stand out in a busy social media feed. As well as a logo stamp which could be used across a variety of campaign materials.

These look great. You’ve gone in the exact direction we were looking for.
— Alex Hopley, Digital Marketing Officer The Mix